Cleaning Up the Planet—One Beach at a Time - Bahía de Caráquez Ecuador

Bahía de Caráquez is a glittering city on the sea in the Ecuadorian province of Manabí. It became an Ecocity in 1999 following several natural disasters, but sadly, even in an environmentally conscious community, ocean plastic still accumulates on beaches that should shine with natural beauty.

The PANGEA Movement undertook a cleanup operation in Bahía de Caráquez, bringing together 35 volunteers who collected and stopped 273 pounds of trash from ending up in the ocean and harming marine life.

This cleanup was funded by our blockchain token, the PANGEA Ocean Cleanup Coin ($POC). The token will help us achieve our mission to install 16,000 river barriers in 1,000 of the world’s most polluted rivers. Every barrier location is strategically chosen to maximize our impact. Together, we will stop massive amounts of trash which would end up in the sea, damaging marine life and the future of our environment.

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