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Celebrating Earth Day is easy, but celebrating the earth can be difficult and confusing. At PANGEA, we’ve had to continually reinvent ourselves over the years just to keep up with the ever-changing and demanding landscape of cleaning the planet. 

Pangea 2023: Challenges, Successes, and Impacts
Reflecting on an intense year, we are excited to share the 2023 wrap-up from Pangea.   From groundbreaking progress at our Plastic Innovation Center to the amazing success of our Kickstarter campaigns, it's been a year of immense growth and...
River Barrier #1 Batu Bolong River
Eighty percent of ocean plastic comes from the world’s 1,000 most polluted rivers. If we want to make a difference, we need to find a way to turn off the tap and stop trash from ever making its way to the ocean in the first place.
100+ Countries Funded This To Save The Oceans (Padang, Indonesia)
Padang, Indonesia used to be one of the cleanest cities in the world. It even won awards for being the cleanest city in Indonesia 17 times. But today, it is home to three of the world’s most polluted rivers. Fortunately,...
Tanzania Vol.2 a second Cleanup at Kawe Beach
Tanzania is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth, but its capital and biggest city Dar es Salaam. Unfortunately, 3.5 million kilograms of plastic are produced there every day and the trash problem is only accelerating as Tanzania's population...
River Barrier #2 Buduk River
An Innovative Solution to Ocean Plastic When The Ocean Cleanup released their report stating that 80% of ocean plastic comes from 1,000 of the world’s most polluted rivers, we knew we needed an innovative solution to stop trash from ever...
Cleaning Up the Planet—One Beach at a Time - Bahía de Caráquez Ecuador
Bahía de Caráquez is a glittering city on the sea in the Ecuadorian province of Manabí. It became an Ecocity in 1999 following several natural disasters, but sadly, even in an environmentally conscious community, ocean plastic still accumulates on beaches...
Earth Day Cleanup - Bali - Pangea Movement & Sungai Watch
How does plastic get into the ocean?  It starts with our trash. 500 million tonnes of plastic objects are produced each year. Of that, 260 million tonnes are discarded. Only 9% of discarded plastic is recycled, and 12% is incinerated,...
PANGEA Ocean Cleanup - Cemagi - Bali 14/05/21
We are excited to update you on our latest cleanup in Bali, Indonesia. We cleaned Cemagi Beach in south-west Bali indeed, a special place where the waves roll in from the Indian Ocean, and only a stone's from one of...
Dar es Salaam cleanup - Tanzania
Tanzania's biggest city and former capital Dar es Salaam lies on the shores of the Indian Ocean and would be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, 3.5 million kilograms of plastic are produced there every day—that’s...
Earth Day Cleanup Akumal - Mexico
 Every day, 13 million tons of garbage is produced in Mexico. More than a kilo per person, of which 48% come from households. 49% from restaurants and eating establishments, and 3% from laboratories and hospitals. Only 3.3 % of the...
How does plastic get into the ocean?
It starts with our trash. A study conducted in 2015 estimated that out of the 6,300 million metric tons of plastic generated since the end of World War II. 500 million tonnes of plastic objects are produced each year. Of that, 260...
Pangea Cleanup in Kozhikode, India
Kozhikode, India - Cleanup 23th Feb 2020 With the amazing help of 15 volunteers, our team in India collected 143 kg of trash from Kozhikode.
Pangea Cleanup in Porto, Portugal
With the amazing help of 21 volunteers, our team in Portugal collected 451 lbs / 205 kgs of trash from Porto in two hours.
Pangea Cleanup in Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya - Pangea Cleanup 14th Nov 2020 With the amazing help of 50 volunteers, our team in Kenya collected 1776 kg (3915 lbs!) of trash from the Matahare Slum in Nairobi.
Pangea Cleanup in Lahore, Pakistan
Pangea Cleanup 14th Nov 2020 - Lahore, Pakistán 598 kg / 1318 lbs of trash collected with the help of 18 amazing #pangeawariors
Pangea Cleanup in Bristol, England
With the amazing help of 12 volunteers, our team in the United Kingdom collected 286 kg (628 lbs!) of trash from Redcliff Wharf, Bristol.  
Our Bamboo Towel features on Business First TV Holiday Gift Guide
We are thrilled that in America, Business First AM’s Lisa Lee Kelly loves our Pangea Bamboo Travel Towel and showcased it on their “Quick Holiday Gift Ideas” segment! View the video below. 
Pangea Cleanup in Bali, Indonesia
Indonesia - Pangea Movement Cleanup Oct 2019Infinite thanks to the 25 volunteers that came to the cleanup last week! :heart::earth_americas::recycle:And to @tribetheorybali for all the help !  
Pangea Cleanup in Puerto Morelos, Mexico
Pangea Cleanup 21st Oct 2020 - Puerto Morelos, Mexico With the amazing help of 20 volunteers, our team in Mexico collected 183 kg (403 lbs!) of trash from Puerto Morelos. .
Pangea Cleanup in Isla Blanca, Cancun, Mexico
With the amazing help of 24 volunteers, our team in Cancun, Mexico collected 165 kg (364 lbs!) of trash from Isla Blanca.