Earth Day Cleanup Akumal - Mexico

 Every day, 13 million tons of garbage is produced in Mexico. More than a kilo per person, of which 48% come from households. 49% from restaurants and eating establishments, and 3% from laboratories and hospitals. Only 3.3 % of the total waste in Mexico is recycled.
Mexico City ranks as the second-biggest producer of waste among the world's megacities, behind New York City. Generating 20,000 tons of garbage every day, enough to fill the Azteca Stadium, the largest in the country weekly.
Thanks to cleanup operations organized by Bernardo, by the Caribbean side of Mexico, a big amount of the trash was collected from the beaches.

For international Earth Day, a cleanup weekend was organized in Akumal, Mexico. Over 100 volunteers attended the cleanups, and picked up 800 kilos of trash, with the help of the Akumal Ecological, and the Akumal Animal Shelter. Half of the trash was recycled, and attendees learned how and where to recycle near their household.

Are you in Mexico?
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