High-Quality Adventure Gear That Cleans Our Planet.


High-Quality Adventure Gear That Cleans Our Planet.


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High-Quality & High Performance For You

Discover durable, lightweight and compact products designed for adventures.

Regenerating Our Planet With Each Purchase

We foster a healthier planet through our global cleanups, trash-river barriers and mangove reforestation.

Shades Of Change: Our Mangrove Sunglasses

Over $158,737 sold on Kickstarter.
1,200+ pairs delivered to 42 countries.
20,943 pounds of trash cleaned from mangrove forests.

Travel Sunglasses - Made From Upcycled Waste

Enjoy high-quality sun protection with sunglasses that last a lifetime. Handcrafted in our Plastic Innovation Center in Bali.

Our unbreakable sunglasses are created with plastic waste collected in a mangrove forest.


What Makes Us Different

We create products that are great for you and for our planet - So that you can feel good!

Crafting Sustainable Excellence

We pioneer a new standard by crafting high-quality, durable products from plant based or recycled materials.

Creating Regenerative Impact

With every product you buy we place trash river barriers, conduct global cleanups, and plant mangrove trees.

Turning Trash Into Treasure

We transform the trash we collect into high-quality products, closing the loop of circular economy and regeneration.

Fostering a Thriving Community

Your support creates fair jobs and opportunites for the local communites in developing countries.

Transforming Travel With Our Bamboo Towels

Over $628,000 sold on Kickstarter
45,000+ towels delivered to 83 countries

Bamboo Travel Towel

Feather-light and super compact, absorbing 3x more water than microfiber towels and drying super fast - it leaves conventional towels in the dust.

Become regenerative by purchasing our towel that heals the planet. Crafted from 100% renewable bamboo.


Our Customers Really Dig Us

"A perfect fit, durable, and stylish, I couldn't be happier. Knowing they're sustainable is just the cherry on top. Best purchase!"


Houston, Texas, USA

"Their lightweight frames are impressively durable. They've withstood beach volleyball games and afternoon hikes."


Sidney, Australia

"Amazing jacket with top-notch waterproof technology. Keeps me dry during London's rainy days. I love the eco-friendly aspect"


London, UK

Every Purchase Cleans Our Planet

For every $100 you purchase we collect 40lbs of trash and 40lbs of Co2.

How We Go Beyond Sustainability

Being "eco-friendly" is not enough! Our planet needs action.

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