News and Updates

Pangea Cleanup in Mumbai, India
Mumbai, India - Cleanup 7th Mar 2020 We made it to National TV in India! With the amazing help of more than 50 volunteers, our team in Mumbai collected 246 kg of trash from Versova Beach 🌍💓
Pangea Cleanup in Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya - Pangea Cleanup Feb 23rd 2020 With the amazing help of 168 volunteers, our team in Kenya collected 3,121 kgs (6,880 lbs!) of trash from the Matahare Slum in Nairobi. 🌍💓
Pangea Cleanup in Cancun, Mexico
Isla Blanca, México - Cleanup 23th Feb 2020 With the amazing help of 12 volunteers, our team in Mexico collected 190 kg of trash from Isla Blanca.
Pangea Cleanup in Arambol, India
Arambol, India - Cleanup 23th Feb 2020 With 20 other amazing #earthwarriors we collected 235 kgs in 2 hours near Arambol! 💪💓
Pangea Cleanup in Isla Blanca, Mexico
10 volunteers participated to collect a total of 187 KG / 412 lbs of trash from Isla Blanca beach in Mexico.