Pangea Cleanup in Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya - Pangea Cleanup Feb 23rd 2020 With the amazing help of 168 volunteers, our team in Kenya collected 3,121 kgs (6,880 lbs!) of trash from the Matahare Slum in Nairobi. 🌍💓
Pangea Cleanup in Cancun, Mexico
Isla Blanca, México - Cleanup 23th Feb 2020 With the amazing help of 12 volunteers, our team in Mexico collected 190 kg of trash from Isla Blanca.
Pangea Cleanup in Arambol, India
Arambol, India - Cleanup 23th Feb 2020 With 20 other amazing #earthwarriors we collected 235 kgs in 2 hours near Arambol! 💪💓
Pangea Cleanup in Isla Blanca, Mexico
10 volunteers participated to collect a total of 187 KG / 412 lbs of trash from Isla Blanca beach in Mexico.