Tanzania Vol.2 a second Cleanup at Kawe Beach

Tanzania is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth, but its capital and biggest city Dar es Salaam. Unfortunately, 3.5 million kilograms of plastic are produced there every day and the trash problem is only accelerating as Tanzania's population grows by over 8 percent every year. In an effort to reduce the plastics ending up in our oceans and preserve the beauty of the country for future generations, we sponsored our second cleanup on Kawe Beach on Earth Day. In total, about 33 volunteers helped us collect over 700 kilograms of trash from the beach. We also collected quite a few bags full of trash that were left out by careless visitors to the beach! We're looking forward to continuing our cleanups throughout the year so that we can educate more people about the damaging effects of plastic on the environment.

This beach has been an ongoing source of concern for us since we first began hosting regular cleanups in Tanzania. We had initially expected the area to be relatively clean since it's a popular tourist spot, but we found that the beach was littered with all sorts of garbage - from plastic bottles to plastic bags to cigarette butts.

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