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Celebrating Earth Day is easy, but celebrating The Earth can be difficult and confusing. At PANGEA, we’ve had to continually reinvent ourselves over the years just to keep up with the ever-changing and demanding landscape of cleaning the planet. 

Our products support beach and mangrove forest cleanups, river barrier installations to stop and remove ocean-bound plastics (and other trash!), mangrove plantings, and most recently coral reef restoration. We work alongside corporate, NGO, and government partners, recruit volunteers from near and far, employ communities, and even create pop-up shops to both sell our eco-travel gear and educate and engage the public about the need for solving the problem of ocean plastics NOW.

With a growing need and ever-evolving resources, change is the only constant in the conservation world and we have learned to adapt…fast.

2023 was a busy and pivotal year for PANGEA Impact as we burst onto the plastic science scene opening our Plastic Innovation Center, turning trash into treasure with our upcycled sunglasses, and installing more river barriers...and we’d like to share our story with you.

An excerpt from our PANGEA 2023 Impact Report...

“Defining impact is complicated. It requires deep and holistic thought. You must take industry ego off the table and accept a set of forever-changing variables. But most of all, it requires community buy-in.

Impact mission deadlines & impact mission quantities may be good for mobilization and motivation, but they do little to truly empower long-term sustainable solutions. This can only be done through education, expertise and collective ownership - PANGEA’s continued mantra.

Famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau summarized it perfectly: ‘ We can only protect what we love, and we can only love what we know.’"

We’ve come a long way in just 4 short years and you can read all about it here, in our full 2023 Impact Report.


We are completely humbled by all of the support we continue to receive from our backers, partners, volunteers, and customers. We hope to make 2024 just as impactful as 2023.

Please click here to check out our latest reef restoration impact mission on our Youtube Channel, and follow us there for more video updates from the field.

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