River Barrier #2 Buduk River

An Innovative Solution to Ocean Plastic

When The Ocean Cleanup released their report stating that 80% of ocean plastic comes from 1,000 of the world’s most polluted rivers, we knew we needed an innovative solution to stop trash from ever reaching the ocean.

And we found one that works.

These low-cost, easy-to-manufacture barriers were originally designed and made by Plastic Fischer. Sungai Watch has since improved upon the design and placed 70 barriers in Bali at the moment of writing this article. The barriers are made by local workforces out of local materials such as plastic or bamboo floaters and metal grids, and no tech or electricity is needed to operate them. They’re also safe for wildlife.

The barrier systems can stop approximately 80% of all the trash that flows through the river; therefore, by tackling these 1,000 rivers, the PANGEA Movement could potentially reduce ocean plastic waste by up to 65% (6.5M tonnes per year). 

On May 18, we placed our second river barrier. 

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