Earth Day Cleanup - Bali - Pangea Movement & Sungai Watch

How does plastic get into the ocean? 

It starts with our trash. 500 million tonnes of plastic objects are produced each year. Of that, 260 million tonnes are discarded. Only 9% of discarded plastic is recycled, and 12% is incinerated, leaving approximately 200 million tonnes—13 million tonnes of which end up in the ocean.

Pangea towels are plastic free! Every $10 raised cleans 2lb of trash from the ocean and 2lb of carbon from the sky

Earth day Clean up organized by PANGEA TEAM in Bali, we collected 416kg / 917lbs, thank you to the Sungai watch team to help to make it happened.

Would you like to see the new towel that is cleaning more than it pollutes?
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